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Who we’re reviewing this week, June 12th


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Tips on writing your review:

When writing your review, keep in mind that you’re trying to reach people who may feel vulnerable.  Be honest and respectful or your review may lose its legitimacy.  Use the facts, these fake clinics are manipulating people.  Be succinct.

There’s only one abortion provider in WV, but maybe there’s one closer to you that’s in another state.  Provide that information.

Sample review:

This place doesn't provide abortion services and will not refer you to anyone who does, even though the options listed on their site make it seem like they would. This place does not provide unbiased medical advice. If you want to discuss abortion or birth control options, you should go to a real health care provider.

Why does it matter?

There is currently only one clinic in West Virginia that offers abortions—the Women’s Health Center in Charleston. There are at least 16 FAKE clinics.

What exactly are fake clinics?

Fake clinics are often unlicensed organizations set up to look like licensed medical facilities. They are actually anti-abortion counseling centers. The agenda is to convince pregnant people not to have abortions. Some clinics even have pregnant people sign contracts committing to carrying a pregnancy to term. These clinics say they are helping people make “life-affirming” choices but they are actually focused on only one thing: stopping access to abortions.

What should you know?

Fake clinics often look like real medical health centers (even though most do not have medical licenses). Fake clinics often set up near real clinics. Over the phone, fake clinics will deflect when asked about abortion services. Many fake clinics are religiously-affiliated organizations. Fake clinics will often provide vague details over the phone and will provide materials that stress the dangers of abortions. Fake clinics provide false information to pregnant people and lie about the nature and dangers of abortions. Fake clinics have also been known to share private patient information (they are not regulated by HIPPA because they aren’t real medical providers). Some clinics even have pregnant people sign contracts committing to carrying a pregnancy to term.

How can you help?

Join our review campaign and let other folks know exactly what these fake clinics are! Starting in June, on Wednesdays, we will post a link to review a fake clinic. Your review can help pregnant folks and other potential patients know exactly what they are getting into with fake clinics. Remember, fake clinics directly advertise to pregnant folks, especially those that are vulnerable and in need of assistance. Help us blow their cover!

This campaign will last 16 weeks, one week for each fake clinic in West Virginia.

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