together we rise


Women's March West Virginia store!

This day has been a long time coming... We have officially launched our online store! Women's March West Virginia has been as grassroots as it gets, funded entirely from the pockets of its organizing team since its establishment in November of 2016. We are excited to take this step forward as an organization, to be able to do greater work for the movement.

In our store, you will find shirts, buttons, bags, kids’ clothing, hoodies, mugs, and more. The products feature a range of classic WMWV designs including our full logo, a single color logo, and our Together We Rise graphics. We will also offer products relating to campaigns we are working on. At this time, we are featuring our Amendment 1 and End Family Detention designs.

All proceeds from the Women’s March West Virginia online store go towards supporting our organization and the work we do. We appreciate your contributions to the cause and look forward to seeing you in our official Women’s March West Virginia gear!

Kim Krapf