together we rise


Election Year

It is an election year. Hopefully, this will be a year full of triumphs for our movement. Hopefully it is a year we will look back on as the turning point, and we will know we were a part of that change.

During this year, many of you will choose candidates to support. Some of you will choose opposing candidates and that may cause friction. It's inevitable, but we are strong enough to pull together and remain cohesive as a movement.

Always remember who your allies are. Remember the people you have marched with, stood with, organized with. In that strong sense of fellowship, remember that we are all working towards the same goal, and don't allow yourself to be divided by political infighting.

It is a mistake we are being counted upon to make. It is a mistake we cannot make. It is a mistake we will not make.

While Women's March West Virginia is a non-partisan organization, we are so proud of every single one of you who is engaging with the political process. Collectively you are researching the candidates, supporting them, working within their campaigns. You are holding voter registration drives. You are stopping people on the street to make sure they are able to vote in May and again in November! You are working as canvassers, poll workers, and more.

Women's voices are strong in this election. You are - yet again! - enacting change.

As always, we are stronger together.


Women's March West Virginia

Kim Krapf